You came from heaven to earth to show the way.
From the earth to the cross, my debts to pay.
From the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky
Lord I lift your name on high.

Here's a flashback of one of our plays in church. "The Choice" depicting Christ's life before the crucifixion until His ressurection and our choice to accept salvation and Christ in our lives. Circa 2003 Lent (if my memory serves me right)

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Blessed beyond compare

There have been times when I questioned your plans and your will. Like that time when I was seeking for an answer why I had to let go of something that I have painstakingly fought for and held on for a long time, a relationship I thought could last a lifetime. I lost my faith in you. I was wrong to doubt you and  a fool to question the things you do. I doubted, I recoiled, I surrendered to my defeat. And it was a shame. The least I could have done was to TRUST in you and have FAITH in your will.

You wanted me to feel the pain of letting go so that I can see that there are other hands I can hold on to, especially Yours. You wanted me to feel emptiness so I can stand on my own and make myself whole again - this time, stronger. You wanted me to close a chapter of my life so I can turn to the next page because You're just about to write a new story for me; and I know You're the best author out there. You wanted me to let go so I can hold something or someone much much better. :)

And it's a shame that it took me some time to realize that I am indeed blessed beyond compare. I am not worthy of your love yet You showed me one that's immeasurable and unwavering. Kuyaw jud ka mulihok Lord. The best ka talaga! Ikaw na! ^_^

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Rare songs of the past

The 100 Happy Days Challenge. I'm sure you've heard about this. In facebook, twitter, instagram, and where else in the internet. This has been going on ever since the year 2014 kicked in. Well I thought I could do this one too. Not for the reason that I just want to follow the trend (although, that's also a little factor to consider, just a little).  But I think this is empowering. I mean, it may help me condition my mind to become more positive and of course, it will definitely make me appreciate even the littlest of the little things life can throw me. :)

So here goes for my first of the 100 happy days...

Yesterday, I was stricken with a last song syndrome. There's this song during my childhood that kept on playing inside my head. Thank goodness for YouTube, I found the song "Dadaanin Ko Na Lang Sa Kanta" by 14-k. So I downloaded it and it played on repeat until I went off from work.

 And just this morning, I accidentally clicked on one of its related vids and surprisingly, it was 14-K's FULL debut album. I shrieked. You should know how elusive none-mainstream songs from the early 90's could be. I listened to it the entire time I'm preparing for work. To my surprise, I still memorize all their songs. Haha

Listen to it, and you'll know why I love them to bits. :)

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A fork in the road

Right now, I feel I am irrationally attracted to someone. And it is not just a mere form of sexual or romantic attraction. I know it runs deeper than that. There's a connection. A strong one. It feels like there's something in my core that inevitably, irresistibly, and inexplicably pushes me to connect with that person.

And that connection is the reason why from being a risk-taker I became too cautious because losing that connection is what scares me the most. On the other hand, if I don't take risks, I might end up losing what's already there.

I hate dilemmas. This is kinda hard. All my life I thought choosing what dress to wear is the hardest thing to decoide on. haha